The ultimate technology to bring sustainable
fresh water to everyone, everywhere.

Lack of water is a global issue related to at least
4 Sustainable Development Goals



People with no access to basic drinking water services.

People face sever water scarcity at least one month a year.

Half of the world’s population will be living
in water-stressed areas.

Even countries like Italy, Spain, United States, India, and China will face high water stress.

Current alternatives to bring water everywhere
can be harmful for our planet.

450 years

for water bottles and plastic residue
in the oceans to biodegrade

8 B bottles (1,5l)

and 275k water dispensers (>5L)
are consumed in Italy every year

Threatening marine life

with process residuals
of alternatives like desalination

Our Solution

We developed
a game-changing technology
that uses atmosphere
as a readily accessible clean water source.

An innovative Atmospheric Water Generator
that uses low-temperature heat to collect water from air.


Reliable, constant, and safe water
every day of the year.

Free to live

from the water grid.


Working even in arid climates,
where other technologies can’t.

Based on a patented thermodynamic cycle,
it leverages a food grade bio-polymer able to collect clean,
fresh water for human use.

Developed by

A Story of Intuition and entrepreneurial vision.

The entrepreneurial team is born within the HNAC (Hybrid Natural Air Conditioning) laboratory, directed by Marco Simonetti, and previously by Gianvi Fracastoro, in the Energy Department of the Politecnico di Torino. There, Vincenzo Gentile conducts his PhD research and has the intuition to apply adsorption technologies to the generation of atmospheric water, opening a new line of research and application.

A growing Network.

The research stream was also developed in collaboration with Princeton University’s Chaos Lab, directed by prof. Forrest Meggers, and where Michael Bozlar – Assistant Professor of Materials Science, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at the University of Texas Arlington – was collaborating as a senior researcher.

A potential to be explored

In 2018-2019 Gianluca Serale, post-doc at the Energy Department and researcher at Princeton, joins the team followed by Francesco Neirotti, PhD student of the Energy Department. The filing of patents opens up the issue of identifying possible markets and business models, so in 2019 Ruggero Colombari, MBA and PhD student in Management, gets passionate about the potential of the technology and joins the team.

A New Beginning

In 2021, after receiving two POC (proof-of-concept) grants and reaching an agreement with two important investment funds,
Aquaseek is founded officially.

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