Work in progress

Nevermore without

Your dependable source of water,
everyday of the year

Without limits

Working in arid conditions,
where other technologies don’t

Living everywhere

Independence from the water
grid, no matter where

Sustainable and renewable

Producing water right where
it’s needed, to preserve our planet


Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) are systems that can generate water in liquid form starting from atmospheric vapor.


Let air take care of the logistics.

The atmosphere contains 6.5x water than our main water source: rivers

800 M

People with no acess to basic drinking warer services

4 Billion

People face sever water scarcity at least one month a year

in 2040

Even countries like Italy, Spain, United States, India, and China will face high water stress

The thermodynamic cycle

Vapour has been captured from the atmosphere thanks to biopolymer. Steam is condensed through low-temperature heat and energy recovery inside the system. The result is pure distilled water or, with the mineralization, drinking water

The adsorbent biopolymer

Aquaseek is flexible and scalable as higher efficiency and lower energy consumption allows smaller sizes