Spontaneous Application

Our mission

We are Aquaseek, a spin-off from the Politecnico di Torino and the Princeton University. With the aim of making water an unlimited and sustainable resource, we developed and patented a revolutionary technology capable of generating distilled water from atmospheric vapour in unique conditions of low humidity and high efficiency. Now, we’re about to launch our first products, and that’s when the communication of our state of mind, but also of our products, activities, new challenges and reached goals becomes more and more relevant.

What we have for you

Team // You’ll find a stimulating and diverse environment: our team is friendly, informal, and dynamic, and at the same time expert in deep-tech, professional and academic. Passion, enthusiasm, reliability and, most importantly, results, are guaranteed with us.

Growth // We’re a small and growing team, and planning to get a new round of investment soon: the opportunity to grow is huge with us. This is not only an internship: this position is crucial for our future development. Therefore, if we like each other, we would be more than happy to invest further in the perfect candidate!

Learning // We believe that our growth depends on the growth of our people, so we invest a lot in learning, training, and strive for continuous opportunities to challenge ourselves with new experiments, every day.


Why would you like to be an Aquaseeker? What would you like to do in Aquaseek?Complete the form of application below with a Cover Letter and your CV. If you also have a portfolio, copy its link in the cover letter.

The thermodynamic cycle

Vapour has been captured from the atmosphere thanks to biopolymer. Steam is condensed through low-temperature heat and energy recovery inside the system. The result is pure distilled water or, with the mineralization, drinking water

The adsorbent biopolymer

Aquaseek is flexible and scalable as higher efficiency and lower energy consumption allows smaller sizes